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The Sunland park Police Department is dedicated to providing excellent service through partnerships that build trust, reduce crime, create a safe environment, and enhance the quality of life in our community. 


The Sunland Park Police Department is committed to fairness, compassion, and excellence while providing police services in accordance with the law and sensitive to the priorities and needs of the people. 

Sunland Park Police Department Services

Patrol coverage 24 hours a day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a year.

  • Victim Assistance
  • Local Background Checks
  • Car seats inspections

important numbers to know


Can I pay my ticket at the police department

No, our police station does not accept payments for the court or MVD

I made a report with an officer, can I pick up the report the same day?

Reports typically take 3 to 7 business days to complete. The reason for this is because officers return to the station, write a draft, submit their draft to their supervisor. Once the supervisor reviews the report, then the report can be picked up.

My vehicle was towed what do I need to get my vehicle out of the impound lot

You will need to obtain a vehicle release from our department. To obtain the form, you need to be the registered owner and show a government issued ID (work IDs are not accepted), you need to show proof of ownership (e.g. vehicle registration, title, bill of sale from dealership), and show current insuranc

I need pick up my property at the police station, can I walk in and retrieve it any time?

It is highly recommended that you call our department and schedule an appointment with our evidence/property technicians to ensure that technicians are in the office at the time you come in.

Will the Sunland Park Police Department have reports or tickets for other police departments in New Mexico?

No, the Sunland Park Police Department Is not the custodian of records for other police departments. The station only holds records

I need to get fingerprinted; can I get fingerprinted at the police station?

Unfortunately, our department has stopped offering fingerprinting services since 2013.

I reported an incident that happened at the Sunland Park Mall, can I pick up my report at the station?

No, the Sunland Park Mall and most of Sunland Park Drive falls under the jurisdiction of the El Paso Police Department. Please call us to confirm whether an incident on Sunland Park Dr did occur in Sunland Park, N.

The registered owner is not in town, can I pick up the vehicle

You will be able to pick up the vehicle so long as you obtain a notarized letter or power of attorney granting you permission to pick up the vehicle

My name is on the insurance but I am not the registered owner can I pick up the car?

No, you must be the registered owner and must establish ownership to pick up the vehicle

A family member was arrested last night, where do I cal

If your family member was arrested by the Sunland Park Police Department or any other agency in Dona Ana they are likely at the Dona Ana Detention Center in Las Cruces, NM.

Can I see if I have any warrant at the police department

We recommend that you contact the courts (municipal and magistrate court) to check whether you have any outstanding court actions.

Do I have to go to the police department to speak with an officer

You can come to the station to speak with an officer

I would like to report an incident, who do I contact?

If it is an emergency please dial 911. If it is not an emergency you can dial 575-589-6600 (press # and 6)

I need a driving record check, can I obtain a copy at the police station

No, you will need to contact the MVD to obtain driving record check

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