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The Sunland Park community library mission is to provide information, Educational Resources, access to computers, Literacy Programs and library services; that promote lifelong learning to all Sunland Park citizens, students, and surrounding area residents. 


A thriving library that is an essential part of community development and intellectual growth for people of all ages. 


The Sunland Park Community Library’s mission encompasses the following activities:

  • Library Card Privileges: book check-outs free Wi-Fi Hotspot check-outs, computer use, e-books and audio books, online resources. 
  • Printing : Faxing, copying and document scanning.
  • Reference: articles and encyclopedias available to assist in on going research. 
  • Curbside Services:  Mobile app reservations and pick-up. 


How do i apply for a library card?

You may download the library card application directly from this website or request it at the library. 

what do i need to apply for a library card?

You need to present a valid picture I.D. with your current address. 

What if my i.d. doesn't have my current address?

Please bring in a utility bill, phone bill or Insurance I.D.  card for address verification along with a valid picture I.D. 


No. There are no age restrictions. A child may also apply with the consent of parent or legal guardian. 

Who can apply for a library card?

Any person residing in the state of New Mexico is eligible to apply for a library card. 

how many books can i check out?

You may check out (2) books per card. 

how many times can i renew my old books to the library?

Books can be renewed as many times as desired so long as there are no pending reserves from other patrons.

Can I donate my old books to the library?

We only accept donations on children’s books. Please make sure to call ahead to verify donation with the librarians. All other books are discarded. 

do you have computers available for patron use?

Yes. We have 17 computers available with internet connection and printing capabilities. 

Is there a time limit for using the Computer?

There are no time limits unless all computers are occupied and other patrons are waiting for use. In the case of full occupancy, you may be asked to leave after 1 hour. 

what do i need to check-out a wi-fi hotspot device?

Hotspots are check-out for a 3-week period. 

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Any person residing in the state of New Mexico is eligible to apply for a library card.