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The Sunland Park Fire Department is committed to provide services that prevent or minimize the loss of life and property from the effects of fire or other emergencies that exceeds our community’s expectations. Our mission is to protect the citizens we serve through fire suppression, emergency medical response, disaster management, fire prevention, public education and to render such public assistance as may be determined by the Fire Chief or higher authority.


The Sunland Park Fire Department is dedicated to be an elite fire and rescue service agency that sets a standard of excellence in emergency services while preserving our heritage and developing our future. We will strive to build a sustainable fire service agency that meets the changing needs of our growing community by providing a high level of readiness and focusing on the professional development of our personnel that embraces the diversity of the citizens we serve.

All Personnel of the Sunland Park Fire Department are expected to regard every interaction with members of the community as the “moment of truth”. Each “moment of truth” is an opportunity to influence the citizen’s perception of service received and thus the image of the fire department. The citizen is always watching so it is imperative that all personnel of the department make decisions with the citizen in mind.

Public relations are about the way you look, the way you act, what you do or don’t do, what you say or don’t say and how you present all of the above. All personnel will continually strive to enhance the value of his or her service delivery and shall conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on the Sunland Park Fire Department.


The Sunland Park Fire Department’s mission encompasses the following activities:

  • Fire Suppression and Extinguishment: Activities necessary to prevent or minimize the loss of life and property when a fire starts.
  • Rescue: Activities that provide rescue for fires and other emergency situations. These situations include specialized rescue such as mountain rescue, water rescue. and trench rescue.
  • Life Support: Activities, in coordination with other emergency organizations, that prevents the unnecessary loss of life or complications of injury in the case of accidents or sudden illness.
  • Hazardous Conditions Mitigation: Activities that prevent or minimize the loss of life and property from hazardous conditions such as natural disasters caused by high winds and flooding. hazardous building situations, and hazardous materials releases.
  • Public Assistance : Activities that contribute to the general health, safety and welfare of the community as may be determined by the Fire Chief or higher authority.

The following support activities are necessary for the accomplishment of the basic mission:

  • Fire Prevention and Inspection: Activities necessary to prevent the origin and spread of fires.
  • Fire Investigations: Activities necessary to determine the origin and cause of fires.
  • Pre-emergency Planning: Activities necessary to identify potential problems that endanger life and property, and to gather facts enabling fire fighting forces to operate at the scene of a fire as safely and effectively as possible.
  • Communications: Activities necessary to maintain an effective and timely response system that determines an appropriate level of response to minimize the extent of the emergency.
  • Training: Activities necessary to maintain all personnel at required levels of training and educational standards.
  • Maintenance: Activities that maintain facilities and equipment in a constant state of readiness.

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To request a public appearance by the Sunland Park Fire Department, click here to fill out the online request form. You may also call us at 575-268-6224


Go to your nearest fire station and request a burn permit. The fire officer will confirm whether or not the requested day is an open burn day. They will then obtain the necessary information and issue the permit as allowed by regulations.


Requests for fire investigation reports can be made in person at City Hall.

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