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Finance is committed to provide timely, accurate, clear and complete information and support to other City departments, City Council, citizens and the community at large.


Finance is committed to following 3 keys to success to honor its vision to the City of Sunland Park.

INTEGRITY: Finance Department commits to conforming to the highest level of ethical standards, services and decisions will be based on honesty, fairness and impartiality.

LEADERSHIP: Finance Department leads by example while encouraging growth and advancement in the organization.

TEAMWORK: Finance aims to make decisions collectively and in the best interest of the City; as a team we capitalize the strengths on each member. In this way and leading by example we initiate the actions and provide support for staff member and resident.

The overall goals of the finance department are:

To issue a purchase order for 90% of all purchase requisition within 48 hours of receipt

Provide department with timely information in regard to their operation by finalizing financial data by the 10th business day of each month.

Update the city’s procurement regulation; incorporate better business practices that support the state procurement code.

Identify and secure agreements with new mechanism that provide more attractive pricing to the City of Sunland Park.

Provide access to in –house software (Incode) to head departments

Conduct in-service training sessions for other department in various topics including payroll, procurement, and financial reports.

Conduct in-service training on a refresh basis on daily activities such as filling out form which includes, per-diem, PO requisition and check request between other.

Provide Incode access to all city employees (check stubs,W-2) – Establish a reconciliation process in all financial tasks (Payroll & AP)

Initiate and establish a strong communication channel between departments

Initiate and establish a team environment between Departments and employees in general.

Provide in-service training to users in daily task filling out financial forms such as PO requisition, check -request, per-diem pay request between other.


Initiate and establish a strong communication channel with the State Department of Finance and administration.

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purchasing AgenT
Claudia Carrillo

Accounts payable
isela rosas

Karla Herrera

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